Rickey Manbahal is a finance and accounting executive from Torrance, California with more than twenty-five years of experience of his field. Early on in his life, Rickey had dreamed of becoming a test pilot. However, because of his initial job when he joined the workforce, his plans changed. He originally worked for a manufacturing firm as an accounting clerk and this led him down his current career path. He realized that he was talented when it came to this area of work. That, along with support early on from a mentor in the same field led him to pursue his Bachelor`s and Master`s degrees in Accounting and Public Administration.

Rickey Manbahal


Rickey Manbahal has worked in both the public and private sectors in his field. At points, he has managed as many as 250 employees. More recently, Rickey has worked with government accounts. For the last three years, he has also been an instructor at UCLA extension, teaching financial courses. In his free time, Rickey enjoys spending time with his family engaging in numerous activities such as traveling. Also, he enjoys doing home improvement and DIY work around his house. He believes that having the ability to fix major and minor issues around the house is an important skill set to have.