Rickey Manbahal has extensive knowledge of accounting and local government. Consequently, Rickey has decided to begin engaging in creative writing in his spare time. He sees creative writing as an outlet that has the ability positively impact his work life as well. This translates directly into the blogs that you see linked below. Engaging with his work from a secondary point of view gives him greater perspective and more clarity about his work.

Rickey Manbahal

Finally, please check out some of Rickey`s recent written work below!

Rickey Manbahal Discusses How the Shift to Electric Vehicles Could Shape the Automotive Industry

It might be hard to imagine a society or culture without automobiles, and that is because they have become ubiquitous; they help us get around, do business, and keep the economy moving.  Similarly, with the recent shift towards environmentally sustainable practices as a result of the growing threat of climate change, industries as damaging as the automobile industry are starting to find innovative solutions.

Rickey Manbahal Discusses the Evolution of Basketball Technology

Technology has impacted our daily lives in numerous ways. It is hard to imagine how it is affecting a long-loved and played sport like basketball. Moreover, NBA basketball has been significantly altered through the years by technology, and some of those key changes we now take for granted and may barely even notice.

Rickey Manbahal’s Must Have Camping Essentials for 2019

It is summertime, and that means barbeques, beaches, and camping. Consequently, whether you love the great outdoors, want to kick back in a park, or head to an outdoor festival, you’ll need to make sure you have all of the right equipment to make your experience as easy, practical and comfortable as possible.